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Why Men Are Exposed to Alcoholism Faster


Almost half of the men in America are dependent on alcohol. Despite feeling the effects of alcohol slower than women, there are a lot more males who are alcoholics. This is probably a result of many social factors.

Socially More Acceptable

While the world has made great progress in women rights, there still is a little stigma against women who drink. People might think they sleep around or are loose. Men who drink a lot do not share that same stigma. This lets men drink more and earlier. It is not uncommon for high school boys who drink to look cool. In comparison, high school girls who drink a lot may be called sluts or worse.

It is more common for men to go out at night to drink. Bars and pubs are filled with men a lot of the times especially in smaller cities. Men drink more because sports events are seen as a male thing to do. Sports events encourage people to have a beer all the time.

Designed for Risks

Men are taught to be brave and bold. These are qualities of what makes someone a man. They want to take chances and go wild. There are many best placed when it comes to drinking. They might be challenged to drink a lot in one night. Men like to show they are up to the challenge. Their natural tendency pushes them to experiment more often with alcohol.


Alcohol advertisement is mainly aimed at men. The most common alcohol advertisement is are beer adverts. It is not uncommon to see a beer advert portray sexy and hot men. Alcohol seems to make men popular and cool with the girls. Alcohol also always looks fun.

Higher Tolerance

The body dilutes alcohol with water. Men tend to have more water in their bodies than women. This means the effects of alcohol take a longer time to reach the body and they also leave the body quicker. Therefore men build up a higher tolerance to alcohol a lot quicker then women do.

Less Emotional Avenues

Men are taught to keep their emotions inside of them. Men do not cry or show people their sadness. Since alcohol creates impaired judgments, a lot of men find it easier to release some of the built-up emotions they have kept in themselves. Alcohol becomes an escape for them. They can use alcohol as the avenue to relieve some of their sadness.