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What is Hidden In Alcoholic’s Mind

What is Hidden In Alcoholic’s Mind

Alcohol consumption has been an integral part of society for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It has always had a huge impact on culture and even religion. It’s not surprising then to learn alcohol dependency has been an issue for just as long.

We as a species are very likely to develop an alcohol addiction because it will always be available to abuse. Some people are just likely to develop alcoholism. Alcohol is actually the most widespread and available substance across the entire world, no wonder alcoholism is so prevalent. 1 in every 12 adults worldwide has an alcohol dependency or abuse problem to deal with. It’s as common as bricks and more likely to hurt you.

The Secret Of Getting Into An Alcoholic’s Mind

The first thing to really try and understand is how alcohol abuse can ultimately change a person’s brain. Commonly alcohol abuse is thought to be a choice, but this is not the case. It actually can alter your brain chemistry over time.

Alcoholism is characterized by a compulsion to keep drinking even if you know you should stop. It continues regardless of any problems that show up because of it.

Alcohol is a depressant which means it slows down your central nervous system. It also has this annoying little tendency to block important hormones like serotonin which help you feel good and not sad.

It slows down processes of the brain which eventually depresses people. Over time alcohol abuse can actually cause or worsen depression.

Not everyone who abuses alcohol experiences it in the same ways. It can cause periods of problems with memory and over time cause brain damage as well.

Is Alcoholism Treatable?

Yes, when it comes to alcoholism, it is totally possible to get treatment for it. Don’t get that confused with a cure. Alcohol recovery actually lasts a person’s entire life because addiction can pop back up at any point.

Treatment is meant to help alcoholics when they don’t know how to quit drinking alcohol and get back to the right path in their life. This is great because it can be difficult if impossible to quit an addiction on your own. Treatment can save lives for people who suffer from alcohol abuse.

Treatment is different for everyone. This is because every person is different with different experiences. Variety is the spice of life, and that is the same for the treatment process. There are quite a few processes that are known to work well, so here are a few common ones.

  • Behavioral Therapy – this is one thing that is commonly used over and over in treatment for substance abuse. These techniques are meant to help alcoholics change their behavior. This is due to counseling and digging deep into the mind and reasons behind addiction.
  • Medication Therapy. There are three FDA medication approved in the treatment of alcohol abuse. They include:

– Disulfiram

– Naltrexone

– Acamprosate

They have to be prescribed by a doctor, and there also has to be counseling along with their use.

  • Support Groups. We have all heard of Alcoholics Anonymous, and that is because the group along with its 12-Step group has been known to work. Having a support group is the best way to find success in the recovery process for many people.