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Our Treatment Program for Men

Read about how our treatment program can help you recover.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in Baltimore. There are a lot of different crimes in Baltimore that happen because someone is under the influence. We believe that it is more helpful for men to recover from other men. Our program is designed to separate gender with the knowledge that this type of treatment leads to the best recovery.

Rehab Steps

Depending on your stage, you will need to go through detox with our medical staff. After that, you will spend three months in the rehab center learning to recover. Our team is medically trained to help you and will act as your guide and friend through recover. Our treatment is focused on getting your body and your mind in a sober place. Here are some of the questions we will want to help you answer during your time here.

● How do you feel when drinking?
● What are the reasons you drink?
● Do you see patterns in your drinking?
● Why have you decided to seek help?
● What are some the things you are passionate about that drinking has stopped you from visiting?
● What are your dreams?

We will help you set up a solid plan for your sober life. That way you can prepare yourself when you need to reintegrate back into society.

Reasons for Men Only Programs

There are many benefits for men to recover without women. Our research has shown us this is the best way to create the best results.

● Gender issues are no longer the main focus. Men and women experience many of the same things, but they experience them in different ways. A good example of this is family. Men and women experience different roles and are focused on various issues. If a conversation gets started about a family with both men and women in the room, people might not understand each other’s perspectives. When you are recovering with only men, all your experiences will be relatable to the other men in the room. This can help recovery become the main focus for you.

● Romantic distractions sometimes happen even when you do not want it. While this is not a bad thing, they can halt the recovering process. Romance can be stressful and demands a lot of attention. While you recover, your primary focus and energy should put on trying to get better. With only men, we can help you limit any distractions that you may experience.

● Discussions can be more honest if the same gender surrounds you. Knowing that other men are going through the same thing you are can feel comforting.