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Female vs. Male alcoholism

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While alcoholism is a problem for all humans, the effects of alcoholism effect men and women differently. A lot of people are told that women get drunk faster or are more prone to alcohol abuse because they weigh less or are shorter. However, women still get drunk faster even if they are at the same height and weight as their male counterpart. As this is the case, women will find they are more subjected to alcohol abuse because can depend on alcohol a lot quicker.

Diluting Alcohol

The body is majorly made up of water. The body can use water to dilute alcohol. High concentrations of ethanol create the drunk feeling so it can take time for your body to dilute it to allow you to sober up. Also, if your body is slow at diluting alcohol, you will get drunk faster then someone who can dilute it efficiently.

Female bodies are made up of a lot less water content. The average amount of water in a male’s body is about 61%. On the other hand, the average amount of water in a female body is around 52%. This is a whopping 9% difference. This means men have the capacity to dilute alcohol more efficiently then women do.

Metabolizing Alcohol

Our body is equipped with an enzyme called dehydrogenase. This enzyme metabolizes alcohol before it enters the bloodstream. This just means that your body uses this enzyme to create chemical reactions with alcohol. It helps dilute alcohol. Besides having less water content, they also have less of this diluting enzyme.


Men and Women have different types of hormones that make alcohol affect them differently. Women menstruate monthly which is different from men. Menstruation is an intense bodily function, so it brings out very different levels of hormones for women. If a woman is drinking before they menstruate, these hormonal levels can create situations where a woman will intoxicate faster.


A lot of women take birth control medication. This type of medication can prolong the effects of alcohol. People will feel drunk or hungover longer. That is because a lot of medication slows down your bodies normal functions. This makes the diluting process by your body slower.

Body Fat

When someone has more body fat, the body fat usually takes the place of water. Fat does not absorb alcohol. Therefore, if you have more body fat, your body will feel the effects of alcohol for two reasons. First of all, there is less water in your body because the fat has taken the water’s place. Secondly, the body fat will not take away the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Female bodies are designed to carry more body fat. Their bodies know how to store fat more efficiently than their male counterparts. There are different theories why this is the case but most people point to the fact that female bodies need fat in order to carry children. In the end, this means that female bodies are more prone to the effects of alcohol.