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Effects of Alcoholism on Men’s Bodies

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There have been numerous studies that women can depend on alcohol a lot faster than men because of their body types. However, alcoholism is one of the biggest problems for men. In fact, it seems that the social factors surrounding alcohol actually makes men more prone to become alcoholics. Abusing alcohol is very dangerous; if we can understand it maybe we can slowly prevent it from happening.

Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking happens when you drink more alcohol than the daily recommended amount. The daily recommended amount for men is only two drinks. In other words, if you are drinking to get drunk, you are likely to binge drink. 

Men binge drink a lot more than women. This does not mean all of them are alcoholics. However, higher rates of binge drinking do increase the risk of alcoholism.

Short Term Effects

Many people think of alcohol as a drug that will bring consequences in the future. They know about liver failure and have seen pictures of people who are dying from alcohol-related cancer. What you should know is that there are immediate effects from alcohol too. The most important short term effect how alcohol hurts your ability to make judgments. Your decision making becomes flawed. Since men socially made to believe they should be social beings, they are prone to making fatal dumb decisions. Men want to look brave and strong. Sometimes this can lead to tests of courage or actions that are impossible for the man who is under the influence. Here are some of the things that can happen.

●    Fatal accidents from trying to prove their manhood

●    Car accidents and other vehicle accidents. Since men are outside proving they are sociable, they drive a lot more. This encourages drunk driving which is never a good idea. Since your judgment is impaired, it becomes harder to react to unexpected events.

●    Fighting. We have all heard of a good bar fight. However, fights can be dangerous especially if you are drunk or get into a fight with another person who is drunk. You may not realize how injured you are and not know when to stop. The other person may not know how injured you are and may kill you.

●    Sexual Assault. Since your judgment is impaired, you might not realize when a woman in uncomfortable or clearly saying no.

●    Risky Sex. You might have sex with someone without sexual protection. This could lead to unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Sex can also be risky when you are having sex with anyone especially if you are bringing them to your house. You do not know who you are bringing and they could be evil.

●    Alcohol can tap into your depression. People who are depressive might feel that they want to commit suicide with their judgment impaired.

Long Term Effects

Alcoholism will hurt your mind and your well-being. Your mental health can deteriorate rapidly because you hurt people around you. Alcohol abuse also increases the risk of cancer. Many types of cancers have alcohol listed as a cause.