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Alcoholism and Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is a very serious issue. Many families suffer from it. It is one of the least reported crimes. People do not want to get their loved ones in trouble. They will risk their lives to keep them safe even if they are being hurt. There is not really a strong direct scientific link that proves alcoholism and domestic violence have a cause and effect relationship. However, they are tightly correlated.

One thing for sure is that the people who are prone to domestic violence are also prone to alcohol abuse. The statistics are frightening. For reported cases of domestic violence, the violent person had been drinking in two-thirds of these cases. A lot of people who drink also are violent.

Cause and Effect

What does this mean? A lot of people who drink participate in domestic abuse. Then how is alcohol not the cause? Here is a better way to explain this. The cause of domestic violence probably causes alcoholism too.  In other words, they are two social issues that overlap. Instead, these are some of the real reasons.

●    Depression

●    Family Trauma

●    Finance Issues

●    Low Self Esteem and Other Insecurities

There is one important difference between violence from alcoholics and non-alcoholics. When the abuser is violent, there is a lot more physical violence. This type of abuse can be fatal and lead to death.

Why Does this Matter?

If a man is violent towards his family and is also an alcoholic, he may use his alcoholism as an excuse for his actions. They may also use their domestic violence as a justification for their alcoholism. Instead of dealing with the true causes and roots, these two harmful actions can help an individual deny they have an issue. This is a problem when they need medical help.

Hitting a loved one is taught. People have learned to do that from somewhere else. Blaming alcoholism makes it sound like alcohol has tapped inside your dark inner side and unleashed it. This is not the case. Unlearning tendencies for domestic violence might involve recovering from alcohol addiction.

Relationship Between Alcohol and Domestic Abuse

Just because there might not be a causal relationship does not mean their relationship isn’t worrying. If someone tends to be physically violent and drink, they need to get help. The difference is they need to get help for both problems. Fixing one will not mean the other issue gets fixed too.